The Quality Speaks For Itself…
Our buildings are manufactured from quality BlueScope Steel, with a fully guaranteed steel frame that’s assembled without rust-promoting welds, and is virtually maintenance free. Saving you money and time in the long run.

Award Winning Design…Our Sheds Are The Best Because A Panel Of Independent Experts Said So…
Our connection system gives you a level of strength and security that no other building matches. Your building will withstand the worst weather conditions, staying dry and secure, offering long-term protection for your valuables.
In recognition for its outstanding achievements, this design was awarded an Australian Design Award for engineering excellence – You are investing in the latest in building technology.

Cyclonic Hold-Down Protection…
Even non-cyclonic areas can suffer windstorms that can damage or destroy normal buildings. But our unique, anticyclone, hold down system is part of the slab itself, protecting against “uplift” that can damage a building. These brackets are cast directly into the slab. No other method offers you the strength and security of this lifetime, heavy-duty hold-down system.

You Can Have The Exact Garage You Want!
That’s right, we’re not restricted to manufacturing garages to any particular size. In fact, we don’t have “standard” garages. All our garages are tailor made to suit your individual needs.
You can have your garage made to match the exact roof pitch of your home. Not only will that make your surroundings more aesthetically pleasing. It will add real value to your property. If you have an existing slab, we can give you a garage to suit that slab – no cutting, no re-concreting – no extra cost.

Vary The Width Or Length….
Say you are in a tight spot and you wish to maximise the width by 10mm, 100mm or 269mm – you guessed it, with us you get exactly what you want. You can increase the height and width of any building in increments of 1 millimetre – yes 1 millimetre. Your new shed can be to the exact size you need, without waste, without cost penalty.

And Don’t Forget The Height…
Where others try to sell you “the next size up”, we can give you the exact door clearance height you need for that four wheel drive, caravan or boat. You pay for only what you need. The possibilities of having your own tailor made shed are endless. All made possible by our exclusively developed computer aided Integrated Design & Quoting System (IDQ) which can design and quote any sized building in minutes. There is no waiting to find out how much your new building will cost.

Compare To See All Your Options…
Allow us to quote you 2, 3, 4 or more different sized buildings to compare – it’s easily done. Imagine the time you will save not waiting days or weeks for a quote. Imagine the money you could save by asking us to quote a number of options for you to choose from.

The Tailor Made difference

We take care of your entire project from start to finish:

Registered builder, FREE onsite quotes, Plans and permits, Construction & installation, Concreting & paving