Reasons to buy a Tailor Made Steel Building

Purchasing any size shed, garage, pergola or carport can be a daunting task. It's usually the third largest investment a consumer will make apart from buying a house or car. Tailor Made's years of industry experienced have allowed us to simplify the process and make it as easy and stress free as possible for our customers.

1. We offer a FREE on site consultation and advice. We do this because we understand that you are making an important and permanent investment decision, and want to discuss all your options.

2. We work towards meeting your exact needs. That is to say: any length, any width or any height, to the exact millimeter. We do this at no extra cost to you.

3. We sell absolute quality. We are the only company in Australia that retails the winner of an Australian Design Award product for Engineering Excellence for our high quality Sheds and Garages. This is worth considering as you would not like to jeopardize your family’s safety with an inferior product.

4. We are highly competitive. Seriously it costs no more to have the best, particularly when you compare apples with apples. More often than not you pay less to have more with our products.

5. We only use quality Australian Bluescope Steel, new and first grade. This means that in the unlikely event you have a claim, you have the backing of the “Big Australian.”

6. We provide prompt, professional and courteous service. This means there is no stress when dealing with us.

7. We are on time every time, so if you have a deadline to meet we are the people to deal with.


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